My Two Favorite Disney Piano Songs

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disney pianoDespite the decades-long track record of incredible movie-musicals produced by Disney, beginning with the early days of films like Mary Poppins and continuing on into the first animated golden age of the 90s, I have to admit that my two favorite disney piano songs are both from their more recent films.

Maybe it’s the pop culture getting to me, but in my mind Frozen and Tangled win the top spots for intriguing and easy to listen to songs that any intermediate level pianist will be able to learn how to play quickly.

Frozen: Let It Go

Let’s face it: everyone loves Frozen. And the number 1 hit from Frozen is, well…Let It Go. I suppose that means there’s no surprise there as to why I would pick it as one of my two favorites, but keep in mind that a big part of this decision has to do with how easy it is for my students to learn to play it on piano.

Grab the Let It Go piano sheet music to learn how to play it. Trust me, you’ll be able to pick it up in an afternoon. There are several different versions available, so if you’re a beginning piano student, then I recommend the easy version, but for intermediate students the film-version should be playable fairly quickly.

Tangled: I See The Light

While not the most popular song from Tangled (I suppose that award would have to go to When Will My Life Begin…which is primarily a guitar piece, and doesn’t work as well on the piano), I See The Light is another great tune that, like Let It Go, is fairly Easy to play.

While neither of these two songs is particularly easy to sing well, and fairly difficult to both sing and play, you can get great sounding arrangements that can accomodate most piano skill-levels.

Download the I See the Light Sheet Music to start learning it today!

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