Month: June 2016

My Two Favorite Disney Piano Songs


disney pianoDespite the decades-long track record of incredible movie-musicals produced by Disney, beginning with the early days of films like Mary Poppins and continuing on into the first animated golden age of the 90s, I have to admit that my two favorite disney piano songs are both from their more recent films.

Maybe it’s the pop culture getting to me, but in my mind Frozen and Tangled win the top spots for intriguing and easy to listen to songs that any intermediate level pianist will be able to learn how to play quickly.

Frozen: Let It Go

Let’s face it: everyone loves Frozen. And the number 1 hit from Frozen is, well…Let It Go. I suppose that means there’s no surprise there as to why I would pick it as one of my two favorites, but keep in mind that a big part of this decision has to do with how easy it is for my students to learn to play it on piano.

Grab the Let It Go piano sheet music to learn how to play it. Trust me, you’ll be able to pick it up in an afternoon. There are several different versions available, so if you’re a beginning piano student, then I recommend the easy version, but for intermediate students the film-version should be playable fairly quickly.

Tangled: I See The Light

While not the most popular song from Tangled (I suppose that award would have to go to When Will My Life Begin…which is primarily a guitar piece, and doesn’t work as well on the piano), I See The Light is another great tune that, like Let It Go, is fairly Easy to play.

While neither of these two songs is particularly easy to sing well, and fairly difficult to both sing and play, you can get great sounding arrangements that can accomodate most piano skill-levels.

Download the I See the Light Sheet Music to start learning it today!

My Favorite Cat Stevens Acoustic Guitar Songs

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Cat Stevens is easily one of my all time favorite guitarists. He has such an incredible musical style that blends a folksy feel with more traditional rock and roll elements, the uniqueness of which skyrocketed him to the top of Billboard, making him one of the preeminent musicians of his time.

In this post, I’d like to point out two of my favorite songs by Cat Stevens: Wild World and Father and Son.

cat stevens guitar

Wild World

Wild World is a song about Cat Stevens and his relationship with Patti D’Arbonville, his girlfriend of several years. The song was written during their breakup, and the lyrics form a sort of farewell to an incredible pair.

The song was released in 1970 as a single, and came very close to reaching the Billboard Top 10, ranking #11 for several weeks, which was Stevens’ highest rank up until that point. Even though it didn’t quite make the top 10, it was still incredibly influential in bringing Stevens’ name to the music community in the US, and helped propel his fame.

You can get the Wild World guitar tab from

Father and Son

Father and Son is perhaps my favorite set of lyrics ever written. I really identified with how Stevens lays out the differences in generations, and I think it’s amazing the way he bounces back and forth between the Dad and his kid during the different voices. Each sings as if they’re singing the words they wish they could say to the other, but couldn’t quite bring themselves to say.

Check out the Father and Son tab to learn how to play this great tune.

Other Favorites by Cat Stevens

Of course no list of Cat Stevens greatest hits could possibly be complete with only two songs, and it took me a while to narrow down his works to pick out my top two.

Other favorites include Morning Has Broken, which is a nice slow ballad, Peace Train, which deals with themes related to bringing troops home from Vietnam, and Cats in the Cradle, which became an instant classic.

Check out more Cat Stevens songs and get the original lyrics of his work at