Month: April 2016

Which Instrument Is Easier To Learn Between Guitar and Piano?

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music-tech-teaches-guitar-e1442422578919-871x653As we teach people various musical instruments, the teachers are frequently asked some questions. The first question is whether Guitar is a better instrument or the Piano is better? First of all, you have to understand that there is no instrument which is better than the other instruments. Every instrument is important and has its own charm and power to create beautiful music. However if someone asked which instrument is better or easier for the beginners to learn, then we can answer the question that Piano is abetter instrument if you are just beginning to take music lessons. It does not mean that it is very easy to learn to play the piano, it just means that for young kids, it is easy to learn to play the Piano keys rather than the strings of the Guitar.

Why is the Piano taught as a basic musical instrument?Two_Kids_and__Piano_California_Music_Academy

  • It is easier to learn to play the Piano as there is one key for every note. It means that pressing that key will only produce the sound in that particular note. Therefore, it is easier to remember for small kids and also for adults who are learning to play music for thefirst time in their life.
  • It is easy to understand the theory of music when you play the piano as it is a very comprehensive instrument and understanding the various notes is easier on the Piano.
  • If you want to choose between learning the guitar and the piano, then choosing the piano should be a better choice as the piano helps you to learn coordination of hands better than on any other musical instrument.
  • The beginners are able to learn how to read music notes and also to understand the basic pattern when they are playing the Piano. As they can play the songs which are based on a pattern of notes, very easily in the early days of learning to play the Piano. It motivates and encourages the students to do better in the next session.
  • The Piano does not need to be tuned every time you play, so it becomes easier for the entry level students to just start playing the Piano if they want to practice.
  • Learning to play the piano creates a base which will help them in learning other musical instruments and this is the reason why every student who majors in different musical instruments have to learn to play the Piano.
  • Learning to play the piano at abasic level is easy as it gets complicated as you get advanced training in the Piano.
  • You can play various other songs on Piano even if they were not composed to be played on the Piano. The piano gives you the freedom to experiment and create your own music.

Even though there are manyreasons why should you learn to play the Piano before learning any other instrument, it can be a matter of perspective. It is important to do your best and put forth your best efforts whether you are learning Guitar and Piano.